Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

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Orbis de Morte, Orbis de Vita

Inscientia est felicitas... Ah, enough of the Latin Gibberish. Ever ponder death *looks down at her current music* How appropriate. I can't help but ponder it sometimes, It just happens. Sometimes occasionally you have to delve into death in order to appreciate life. What is death? Do we cease to exist? Do we become part of the collective unconscious? Do we enter a world of our own creation? Is /this/ a world of our own creation? What is life? The creation of such a plain of existence? Is it the moment you become self aware? If death and life are a matter of a physical condition, what does either matter on the grand scale? Does any of this exist? Do you?

Do I exist? Are you just reading what your own imagination created? Am I just pixels on a screen? Once this is posted, you don't know me, it's in the past. It matters not. It matters little... in the grand scheme.

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