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More Corvid Goodness

At this point I'm not sure if there is something going on with ravens, or if I'm leading myself on. But usually when something on my mind, I still cannot see it so clearly. Clarity seems to be the theme with this one, which is very odd for me.

I used to consider myself meditatively blind because I Could never see anything clearly.

Tonight I tried to meditate again, I didn't get very far before my mind tangented, and then I fell asleep. What I did managed to see, was the flock of thousands of ravens again, flying over me. The bounding animal wasn't there, that I'm aware of. I only saw it twice, and they were flashes at best. I'm pretty sure all those birds were ravens, but I can't tell based on the limited exposure to the imagry. I couldn't hear anything elther so it rules that out. :P

I fell asleep, woke back up, tried to meditate again, and that time I saw a specific Raven. I'm pretty sure he had orange eyes, I remember there was something striking about the eyes but I can't remember what exactly. I saw his face twice, in flashes like the flock above. In both those flashes, he looked extremely sad about something. I have no idea what.

And that's all I've got.

Edit: And I forgot to mention something about those sillhouttes. In the first experience, the sky was a blood red/orange. In the second one the sky was clear blue. No clouds in either.

Edit #2: I just took this stupid Haiku meme that Bullet posted in her journal. Now I'm fucking scared.


LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:jakkal
Your haiku:still didn't like the flock
of thousands of ravens flying
off when they do try
Created by Grahame

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