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And now for the weekend update

I tried meditating for the past couple of nights. Got complete no-shows, and I mean of anything. I got the metaphysical BSOD here, black screen of death.

Maybe the "sad" raven was actually him trying to slap me and tell me not to blame him for shit. I really hope you people know I'm kidding. I often get in far too much trouble kidding around with stuff when people take me seriously all the time.

As far as the Raven thing goes, I don't know what to think yet. As far as my opinion, as of right now anyway, I believe I brought the whole thing on as a kneejerk reaction to a bunch of spiritual convos on #therianthropy as of late. I -am- a spiritual person, and I'm -not- foolish enough to follow pure science, as people don't know very much at all on the grand scale. At this point in my life, putting faith in science is the same as putting faith in religious beliefs. Well ok, Science has the one up on religion because science is about explaining what we don't know, finding out what we don't know. In any case, science doesn't "know" the spirit, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I believe everything follows -logic- and through logic comes understanding. Since our science cannot prove or disprove the spirit, it's still up in the air. I put my faith in my experiences and logic. I do believe that one day science will be able to prove or disprove the spirit. Until then, I won't blindly believe science says there is no such thing. Experience vs lack of understanding. I'll take experience, please.

I'll continue trying to meditate and see what happens.

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