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Dramatic Amusement

Things I find hilarious about the self esteem lacking members of people that stick their nose in our community.

#1. Write essay that demonstrates severe lack of understanding about therianthropy. Prove to therian community you are severely delusional.

#2. Forget to post it in a filter so that only your buddies who will agree with you will be able to view said essay.

#3. Whine when people groan and bitch about the severe ignorance of therianthropy from someone they thought they respected. Hide essay behind their backs for further backstabbing goodness.

#4. Hide on IRC channel to watch the people, who were stabbed by the dull blade of ignorance, complain about how stupid said person is.

#5. Whine and complain about how they are bitching at you behind your back, especially after you screen and delete comments from your own journal, so they cannot talk to you about it to your face.

End result = Epitome of Hypocrisy

You may continue without me, children.

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