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Coyote brutally shot at rescue facility. SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Taken from soappuppy

CALL FOR HELP: A nifty person who used to work at Wolf Park has since founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Indiana Coyote Rescue Center. Since most states regard coyotes as vermin, this is a unique center with a rare and noble mission -- to be nice to coyotes. Not many places are.

darkwolph and I visited the Center a while ago and hung out with its many critters. It's tiny (very tiny) and it's run by one shoestrung but well-meaning lady (CeAnn) who pretty much has devoted her entire life to these poor critters.

Well, some complete ass snuck onto her property on the night of January 27th and shot one of her coyotes point-blank in the face (graphic images). Wolphy and I met this particular coyote, Amber, during our visit; she was sweet and trusting and loved everyone. She rolled over for complete strangers, wiggled, and demanded bellyrubs. Imagining the kind of person who could shoot an animal like that in the face....*gnnnh*. I get quite angry.

The ICRC is on a shoestring budget and poor CeAnn is now stuck with almost $1,000 in bills for Amber's medical care and reinforcing her fencing so this does not happen again. Please, if you have a dime (or more than a dime)...could you send it to her?

If you don't have a dime, can you pass this along?

CeAnn Lambert
7975E 300S, Bringhurst, IN 46913 USA
Tel: 765-566-3800
PayPal: ceannicrc@yahoo.com


There's more info, and a paypal donation link on their site: http://www.coyoterescue.org/

For those of you who complain about 'humanity' and how you want to help, now is your time to shine.

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